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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Astronomical Events in Norway in the near future

It is an astronomically exciting time around here (Oslo, Norway) in the coming months.

On the twelfth to thirteenth of August (that's just in a week and a half!) we'll be taking our yearly trip through the meteor shower called the Perseids. Take a trip out into the night sky and gaze upwards and count the shooting stars! Estimates are upwards of 1-2 per minute throughout the night! This will be visible from the entire world!

On the 21st of December it's not only winter solstice, but we will have a lunar eclipse! All of Northern Europe will be able to see this, although the moon will be close to the horizon so you need a good view. The moon will be dark red instead of its usual cheery bright, and due to its proximity to the horizon it will appear extra large. (It isn't actually larger than usual, it just looks that way, if you want to know why read Bad Astronomy :))

And then the big one, on January 4th, a partial (but very large) solar eclipse. It's in the morning, so the sun will not have risen high (in fact it starts way before sunrise up north here) but if you have a good view towards the horizon in southeast direction you can get a good peek in.

And then finally in mid-March 2015 there's another total eclipse, but this one is only viewable from Svalbard and the North Pole. Field trip, anyone?

I'm looking forward to dusting off the ol' telescope and standing out in the cold!

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  1. Date of the total eclipse changed to 2015.