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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pop.Vit.Ring - a popular science reading group

I have lots of hobbies. One of them is reading books, especially books that I learn stuff from. To help me do this, and to share my joy of learning stuff with others, I started this book club a few years ago. In case you're not a Norwegian speaker, Pop. is short for popular, Vit. is short for Vitenskap, that is Science, and Ring is ring. A ring of readers. How lovely.

It's run through facebook, and when I have the time, I put up a few hand-made posters at the University of Oslo. The group has been asleep for a year's time now, due to other projects, but I just love it and miss it so much that it's time to get going again.

Our last book was Steven Pinker - The Blank Slate, because of the recent hubbub in Norway over "Hjernevask" - or Brainwash, a show about how evolutionary biology is completely overlooked in the social sciences in Norway. I deemed it appropriate to restart the club since it was basically the only thing people were talking about over their espressos.

Our current book is Leonard Mlodinow - The Drunkard's Walk, which you may be able to see --> that both Bendik and I are currently reading.

It's all about how randomness rules our lives, and many of the causal pathways we seem to notice in our daily lives may actually be completely random. So far, it's really good and is already screwing a little bit with my head. Man, I love statistics when they're served like this.

If you want to join us in reading the book and talking about it afterwords, feel free too do so. We're going to meet at the University of Oslo's "Puben" Thursday August 26th at 17:00, unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Although I usually read books with a story line, I do enjoy occasional reading of books that talk about human behavior and emotions. Hope I find this soon!