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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My dinner with PZ Myers

As you all know by now, PZ Myers is visiting Oslo to give a talk on Creationism in America. And since I happen to be working on my masters degree at the research center that invited him, and I am the president of the Students' Skeptics League and we are taking him and his Trophy Wife to the park after the lecture, just to hang out and spend some time with one of our favorite bloggers, I was invited to the formal dinner to welcome him to Oslo.

We went to Mares, a wonderful gourmet-style seafood-restaurant. We had five courses and fantastic wine . I got to talk to PZ and the missus quite a bit, but I note that I was a little bit nervous at the start. I managed to call the gazpacho ricularly good, and in briefly presenting my master's work, I basically left out half of the good stuff. I felt a glimpse of olden days Spelling Bee glory, when I had to spell Vigelandsparken, where we will be lounging tomorrow after the lecture.

I am starting to see how PZ manages to be so prolific. By the time I got home (after a beer with the other student attendee), he had already updated his blog. We asked PZ how much time he spends blogging every day, and he claims it's not too much due to his unedited posts. He simply writes them up and puts them out there. But he also said he would cut down to about 30 minutes a day during his trip to Europe.

Today brings me an interview with him, bound for the web-based newspaper from the Norwegian Humanist Association, called Free Thought.

I have previously written about skepticism for their print edition. I started with #1 this year, and hope to keep going for a while. It's a regular column, called "Skeptiker, Så Klart!", which means Skeptic, of course!

It will also be appearing in the student journal argument: at a later time.

And then, of course, we have his talk from 15.30 to 17.00, and then a nice little trip to the park!

Feel free to join us at any time!

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