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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back from AAI Conference at Copenhagen

We are back from the AAI conference in Copenhagen. Unfortunately Marit has most of our pictures and notes, and she immediately went out on a field study, so the full reports will come in sometime the week. We were joined by Prokrastinuft and Yngve N and hung with them most of the time, with good times to be had by all.

But some highlights include:
  • PZ Myers going strong what seemed like five days in a row of staying up and hanging out with us proles. The Trophy Wife was a great sport too, competing hard for the party hard award
  • Rebecca Watson showing a video with Chris French dressed up as an old woman
  • Robin Ince reading Ann Coulter during his comedy act. Then counteracting it by reading Richard Feynmann to calm us down.
  • James Randi saying to Marit "I hate this woman." while performing magic for us. (Video coming of this, I promise!)
  • Me getting a non sequitur of a slide (about munchkins) added into Richard Wiseman's talk, probably (and hopefully) to the confusion of all the other viewers who were not me.
  • Richard Dawkins managing to teach me something about evolution and meme theory
  • Michael Nugent telling stories of the new religion they have formed ("Dermotology") to combat the new blasphemy laws in Ireland.
And of course meeting lots and lots of other fabulous people.

Shoutouts go to
  • Team Sweden (Come to Oslo in for Kritisk Masse!)
  • Team German Judge (See you at TAM!)
  • The Steins (Sorry we left you standing at the train station, a lost Wiseman wandering the streets made us take the metro instead otherwise he'd still be wandering there. Better see you at TAM so we can apologise properly in person!)
  • Ivan the Official Representative for All Danes, we got the hugs part down, next time you come to Oslo we'll do some science as well.
  • Gregory Paul for demolishing my personal hypothesis on why Scandinavia is not as religious as the rest of the world
  • R-wise for hanging out with us at the airport and showing us the magic trick that made other (professional) magicians dumbfounded and suicidal, while having lovely conversations about dog-riding monkeys that herd goats
and of course to all the speakers who all were interesting and intriguing! Loved each and every talk!

Next year this conference will be in Dublin. We're looking forward to it.

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  1. "Ivan the Official Representative for All Danes" I hope thats a good thing? ;)

    Ive enjoyed your company, intellects and cherry attetudes over the weekend. Can't wait to see you in Oslo, if not sooener.

    And Bendik, good luck with you-know-what.. ;)