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Friday, March 05, 2010

Those crazy danes are going to shoot a man into space

...and the ones who are doing it are hobbyists!

A group called the Copenhagen Suborbitals are building a flippin' rocket, with the goal of launching a man into space! Although many of the group have skills and experiences making other cool stuff, most would consider them amateurs and hobbyists. Which just makes it all so much cooler! (Their previous project was a fully functioning submarine!)

They are less than 20 people and are doing everything themselves. Engines, fuel delivery, welding, molding, ballistics, design, controls, even the astronaut!

They've done several small-scale tests and the first full-size test launch will be this summer. That one will be unmanned though.

All knowledge and information learnt by the project will also be freely available. So that other crazy people can go and replicate it :)

If this is successful - and I have no doubt that it will be - it will be Denmark's first man launched into space, surpassing most other European countries. And it's done by volunteers.

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