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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

TAM London Recap: Day 2 (Sunday)

Sunday started much easier than saturday for us. Arrival at 9:30 instead of 7:45, we had time to both sleep a little longer to charge up, and have breakfast. When we arrived, the doors were just opening to let people in. We went in and found the same seats we had had the day before, excellent.


George Hrab started the day for us. George is a musician, comedian and all-round great skeptic, who is also responsible for the Geologic Podcast, which you all should listen to every week. He sang some songs for us, and at one point he was joined by the two other bald guys with glasses to do a song. With George Hrab, Richard Wiseman and Phil Plait all on stage at once, it was not easy to tell who was who!


Following George was another gentleman, Glenn Hill this time. If that name is not familiar to you, I will admit I was not familiar with it before the conference myself. Glenn is the son of Elsie Wright, who was behind the hoax of the Cottingley Fairies. Once I heard that topic I immediately perked up, because the Cottingley Fairies have been of interest to me earlier. Glenn's talk was very interesting, and I recommend those of you who have not heard of the Cottingley Fairies before to look them up, their story is quite interesting.


After we broke for lunch, it was time for the man apparently everyone had been waiting for: Adam Savage of Mythbusters! Adam talked about the process of examining one particular myth on the show ("Can you swim through syrup as fast as water?") and all the surroundings about doing that. After his talk, Adam's Q&A had the most people wanting to ask questions amongst all the speakers, surpassing even Randi! This bunch sure love their Mythbusters!


Adam Savage then left the stage to Tim Minchin, who entertained us with several songs and a reading of his now-viral poem, Storm. Personally I had been able to avoid seeing Storm before, but I loved it. Storm will become an animation sometime in 2010 and we got to see a short trailer. Looking forward to it.


Phil Plait took the last talk, giving a talk from his latest book, Death from the Skies! (With a little smattering from Bad Astronomy). Asteroids, comets and meteors were the main talk, of just one of the many many ways the universe is actively trying to kill us all.


Phil's talk was the last one. It ended at a little past 3 o' clock on sunday, after what had then been a day and a half of wonderful, fantastic people. Our big thanks and respect go out to all the speakers who took the time to talk with us in the breaks between the talks, to the organizers especially Tracy King, who did a bang-up job despite all their uphill struggles, and to all the people who attended and also talked to us.

For us though, the real stuff was just starting, as we would end up at afterparties, after-afterparties, and after-after-after-afterparties before the event would properly end. We have a separate writeup on the way for all the social events that took place, and all the fascinating people we got to meet. Looking forward to next year!

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  1. Oh the envy!
    Can't wait to get my hands on the promised DVD.
    Looks like you had a great time!