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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Astrology and Compatibility

I'm a Sagittarius. This means that I am incompatible with Pisces and Taurus, but extra compatible with Capricorns...

Or something. Astrology being bull should not come as any surprise to the readers of this blog, and the proofs are numerous. Still, I liked this graph from dating site OK Cupid. OK Cupid is a huge matchmaking site, and have loads of interesting data to plot. Here is their graph of how well the different astrological signs match up with each other, based on 500,000 random samples from their pool.

I love this graph. It demonstrates exactly what it is supposed to - that astrological signs have absolutely no impact on compatibility. Like we said it would.

But this won't stop astrologers from making that claim. Though now we have yet another point to refute it with.

(OK Cupid blog)


  1. Oh no! I'm an Aquarius! My odds of finding someone who matches me is less than for all other signs! :( I actually shouldn't be dating Aquarius girls!!! Shit, what to do?!?

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