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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Madonna and her Magic Healer

Norway is in a Madonna-frenzy this week due to her concert here today.
Dagbladet.no does not disappoint, and brings us an interview with her Norwegian healer, Tor Arne Jensen.

Healing means to cure, I like to say "send light", that is to dress up the patient in light and love, so they will get healthy. Healing is much about resetting the body, helping it get better by starting a process.

Madonna supposedly calls Tor Arne often during the days when she has a concert in the evening, and asks him to think about her during the concert.

Madonna, you do not need this guy to get through your concerts. Healing has absolutely zero effect. Remote healing over the phone even less so.

Jensen recalls the event where he met Madonna for the first time:
He was at the backstage area of a concert last year. Given the opportunity to ask a question, he asked if she thought one can project light, look into the future, and heal. After asking the questions, he quoted "a string of words that came to him at the moment."
Apparently, those words were some stanzas from a poem which Madonna herself had written the earlier afternoon. That is when they got a connection.

Believers in Magic and the like will take this exchange very positively but we here do not believe much of it. Personally I doubt it happened like that, I know too much of how easy it is to both fabricate memories, and how easy it could be for Madonna to have shared some of her poem earlier without remembering it explicitly. That or the whole event is an exaggeration. There are many more rational plausible explanations than the Magical Connection they are postulating.

Jensen downplays how much an impact he has on Madonna's wellbeing. "She is very good at meditating and gathering light herself." He describes his own role mostly as preventing stress and discomfort before concerts.

I am somewhat at a loss of what to respond to this because it is all incredibly vague. When these people talk about "Light" i doubt they are referring to photons zipping along. (Even though that would be impressive enough in its own right if that were the case) And such it becomes mostly just a synonym for "health and happiness" or similar, and it becomes very very hard to properly nail it down for criticism or even to understand what they're going on about.

Give me some actual claims and effects to work with here! It is all too vague as expressed. I guarantee that we could replace Healer Jensen with a chimpanzee and Madonna would not notice any difference as long as she still thought that it was Jensen on the other end of the phone.

And let's not get started on the mechanics of healing over the phone...

Tor Arne Jensen, you're a quack.

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