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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Daniel Hauser appears to be getting better!

Remember back a couple of weeks? A poor Minnesota boy was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, and the parents, who were fans of natural remedies, did not want to treat him with conventional medicine, but preferred alternative treatments.

The State ordered him chemotherapy. The mother responded by kidnapping her son and running away with him to prevent his treatment. Fortunately, the state got hold of them and managed to get him into a proper hospital.

Guess what! It's working! Hauser's cancer is shrinking, and it started to do so almost immediately after treatment was started.

The family though, does not want any of that. They still claim that the vitamins they have been feeding him after he was admitted to the hospital, are the cause of his betterment.

They seem to not realize that they had been giving him alternative treatments for months earlier to no effect. But the ones they're giving him now after he's received chemotherapy, they're what's causing his improvement!

Yeah. Nothing the hospital can do would prove to these people that chemotherapy made him better, and not vitamins. (They could take him off the chemo and watch him get worse again only to start him up again and watch him get better, and repeat until the family sees the point, but this would hardly be an ethical way to yo-yo a boy's life just to prove a point) They are so ingrained in their beliefs that the family will likely never admit that getting Daniel to the hospital saved his life, forever claiming that their own treatments fixed it.

Link gotten from: Friendly Atheist


  1. I saw this, and it's absolutely despicable. Awful story. Luckily not as bad as the Gloria Thomas case, but still awful. This is why Val Jones is right that it's not okay to stay stay a shruggie anymore.

  2. I like that "shruggie" word and article. I will have to feature it in a future post.