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Friday, May 15, 2009

Wow. Just Wow.

I'm so glad there are people out there doing all the dirty work and then sharing the fruits of their labor with us laymen (I hope I get to do that too, someday!).

One example is Phil Plait, aka the Bad Astronomer, who digs through lots of interesting stuff and relays the best to us (actually that doesn't sound too bad). I can also profess with authority that he's a really fun guy; he likes girlie drinks and pancakes at night, and I met him, and he's really nice.

Anyhoo, he puts out a lot of pretty pictures that some heroes even further back work their butts off to produce, and today I was almost flabbergasted by the clarity and beauty of these photos. Must be seen. Makes me feel like this (Neil Armstrong after first Lunar walk.

Okay, over to the pics:
I have to give Phil some hits for these photos, so go HERE.

and HERE.

Humans can be pretty cool.

Pictures in the links by Theirry Legault. Picture of Neil Armstrong by Buzz Aldrin.

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  1. In this photo, I think Neil looks like our eldest brother, Erlend, as a kid.