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Monday, May 25, 2009

Praying for health

This Norwegian newsstory shook me up a bit. It concerns a doctor who referred a drug addict to a Christian Saviour Center for help. I'm pretty used to these kinds of reports from the US, but it still made me uneasy. And with our national healer "Snåsamannen" I realize now there is more irrationality in our country than I like to acknowledge.

Still, stories like the one about the 13-year old boy from Minnesota who's parents are refusing him normal treatment for his Hodgkins lymphoma, shows how strongly these convictions take place in some people's minds.

The Norwegian reporting on these two cases, pretty accurately reflects the standard Norwegian sentiments on these matters. The final line in the report on the 13-year old is as follows (my translation): "The Hauser family are catholics, but actually believe in natural medicine developed by Native Americans."

The sneer in that sentence is important to me. It reflects the logical problems with alternative treatments that are not based in reality. When there are limitless possibilites to treatments that are based on fantasy, how do you separate and classify them? And how can you combine things that are from different schools of thought (and nothing but thought) so to speak ? Why should native american medicine work if you believe God is the only one with healing power?

Update: The mother has now returned with her son for treatment. Thank goodness. Maybe he will get a chance to grow up and learn to think for himself one day.


  1. Annoys me when Dagbladet doesn't timestamp their article. When is this from? Today?

    Makes me angry this! The Evangelical stuff, not so much the timestamping :p

  2. I think I saw it on the front page on Saturday, but I didn't have time to comment then..

  3. Ah, ok. I must have missed it.

    I'm scanning the pages for something to nag about every day 8)