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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Moneyfolding fun

About a week ago I mentioned the "A lesson in history" document which was forwarded to us by our sister. It was the usual conspiracy theories about the coincidences between the deaths of Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln. Some factual, some fabricated, most irrelevant. I promised her then that I would blog about the whole email, and I did half of it earlier.

It also came with an exercise in folding some money, as if careful folding of an American $20 bill could give a clue about 9/11. I have replicated the images here, courtesy of user "Gutter Monkey" of the Something Awful Forums.

In the left image, it is claimed that when the White House is folded like that, it looks like the Pentagon on fire. I would disagree (the Pentagon does not have a top like a roman column) but I suppose if you squint... The right one is supposedly one of the two towers also on fire. Ominous stuff.

But who is responsible for these atrocities? Why, none other than

GASP! The US Government knew all along, they planned it, and they planted this hint about it for... um.. some strange reason.

If someone had only discovered this BEFORE september 10, 2001 then only the whole disaster could be averted!


Funny how these chain emails always end in the same way. Personally, I am going for "Coincidence, with a great amount of manipulation of the data to even make the coincidence."

Y'see, that Osama name there is only a typo. What they meant to write was

Obama! I knew it! He was the cause of it all!
But who made him do it?

The plot thickens! Hitler and Hilary were the cause of it all!

Okay, by now you can probably tell that I am not taking this very seriously. I see no reason to. Those who hunt for patterns will find them. They mean absolutely nothing, they are complete and utter fabrications. There are no secret messages in our money.
Instead the rest of this post will be to showcase some hilarious things that can be done by folding money, and to prove that if you fold (manipulate) your money (data) enough, you can make it say whatever you like.

This Australian $5 bill can be folded to show a toothy monster.... bite.... a treestump. Yeah that's right. Bite a treestump.

Happy, or sad?

This Canadian $10 bill features Prime Minister John MacDonald. He doesn't quite look himself here.

Who can say no to Hood Lincoln?
Why Action Jackson, that's who!

Here's a whole page of those, they're awesome)

TIE Fighter Washington disagrees.

We can fabricate whatever "truths" we like quite easily. Just because a piece of information can be folded, or edited, to show something does not necessarily mean it is true. It would be much more true if the $20 dollar bill said out loud "Osama'll trash a tower" rather than this convoluted mess. See also Numerology and Word Codes. Don't be fooled by the hype.

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