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Monday, May 11, 2009

Bendik gets his horoscope read (part one)

In September 2008, when I was feeling particularly activist skeptical, I stumbled over an ad for a free horoscope reading. I cannot remember on which site I saw it, but I decided to fill it out and see what it could say about me. With the often-sought "open mind", I filled out the questions about me truthfully, entering in my birthdate, time, and place, and submitted.

After submitting, I hit up my library to read more about astrology, feeling fairly certain that I would recognize the tricks and features used.

Shortly after I received an email saying that "Jenna" was in the process of creating my horoscope and that I would receive the full reading after a couple of days. It arrived and immediately it kicked off with wonderful news for me.

I have just discovered that not only are you soon going to live through an event of great astrological importance but also that you were going to blessed with a period of chance and opportunities. This is very serious Bendik, I rarely come accross such vibrant astrological configurations and you can believe what I say because I never express myself in this way lightly. [...]
As soon as I started looking at your details I felt a surge in my knowledge of you and I only can explain it by the creation of a strong connection between us when we first entered into contact. This bond has an enormous advantage for me as I am able to discern exactly what you are feeling at this time. [...]A Transit period is on the way

This Transit Period, to last 72 days, but still an undetermined start time was supposed to bring me major changes to my life. Both in the workplace and romantically. She wouldn't say though when it was supposed to start, only that it was going to start "soon" and that I needed her help to make the most of it. Because if The Universe is going to bring me good luck it is not determined already, I need to grab it myself. The Transit Period is a rare event that does not happen for everyone and even then rarely. Good timing for me that I chose to get my horoscope read just before it was about to happen!

Because Jenna and I now already have a very close bond, it was very important to her that I got all the opportunities the Universe was wanting to provide to me. Thanks to again this bond, she was able to tell me lots of things about myself:

I know that you are someone who has a lots of qualities and you are aware that you have been given certain talents... very special talents, unique only to you and while you have known of these abilities you haven't fully acted on them now, have you? I have received some general ideas about your character and I know that you can bit a bit stubborn in getting what you want. I can see that you like the outdoors and you do not like to make decisions too far in advance. You are an unusually generous person, with the genuine desire to help others but you also have a bit of selfish side. It's this taking care of yourself than allows you to better take care of others. I am getting the distinct impression that you are street smart and you value this ability much more than the classroom smarts that others have. I see travel in your future, either because you love somone or because you need this person. There is a sense that you do not show your emotions readily and you often feel strong feelings but keep them inside. The experiences you have had in life have made you a bit more perspective than most and that's why you are wise beyond your years in many ways.

Holy Forer Effect, Batman! This paragraph is all of course 100% correct about me. How did she do it? We really must have that bond and she was able to deduce all that just from my birthdate and checking the stars!

Towards the end of the email I get a repeat of all what this Transit Period is supposed to bring me. She offered to make me a more detailed reading, for a charge of course, astrological time isn't free, about the following list of items:

More precisely, As far as your professional career is concerned. I will tell you:

- why this period will be one of the most favorable moments of your career
- what this victory is and how you can acheive it in your job
- when and how this victory will take place and what it will change for you
- what changes you can expect financially
- How the situation will change your work situation in the average to long term
I will also let you know what will be the impact of this transit on your love life:
- when this encounter will take place
- where you will meet
- how you can recognise the right person
- how you can seduce this individual and start building something good together
- if this is really the love of your life
- what kind of future you can expect together

I chose not to send in my credit card details and instead clicked the 'Please don't send me any more messages' link. Fortunately, that link didn't work, because a couple of weeks later I got a new message. And they only get better!


  1. Excuse me, but
    " I can see that you like the outdoors..."
    COME on!

  2. Okay that one definetly did not fit me. Shows the Forer Effect in action as I didn't really notice it when I read it. "I can see that you like the outdoors and you do not like to make decisions too far in advance." Combined with the second part of the sentence (entirely unrelated to the first part) I matched that sentence as 'Okay, sure' in my head and hey presto, Forer Effect.

  3. This post made me chuckle something fierce... Great stuff! :)