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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bendik gets his horoscope read (part two)

So about two weeks after my last correspondence with my personal astrologer Jenna, I received another email from her.

She had received another new and strong "feeling" about me and since her intuition is never wrong, it is because The Transit is very close to happening. So she did what every rational being would do, flipped out the ol' Tarot deck.

O'yes, we have branched out from Astrology to Tarot now. This woman is certainly multitalented!

She writes:
I did this reading using the Marseille deck of Tarot Cards. The results I had were very surprising. This is why I think that it is absolutely essential that I warn you as soon as possible. [...]The result of this latest reading I have done for you has completely confirmed the astrological reading which I sent you on the 15 September 2008.

My actual 3 draws!

She then goes on about the Tarot reading and the interpretation:
The number 7 on the card represents the 7 colours of the rainbow, this is a succesful number and also represents material gain. [...]The Chariot represents continuous movement and a journey towards a new place and also suggests victory and sucess. The person which is shown on this card (this is an asexual being Bendik and in fact represents you) wears a golden crown and this symbolizes richness, power and triumph. This card shows pure sucess. The person's face is radiant and happy with himself and self-confident, this is one of the most fortunate cards of the whole Tarot deck.

Well thanks for calling me asexual there! Other than that the Chariot represents travel, it represents not being constrained (as the sides of the chariot is open) It is a very favorable card indeed.

Next card, The Star:
Firstly this card reminds us of a beautiful woman in love, a gentle and sensual woman. The number on the card perfectly symbolises a solid and deep relationship because the number 17 indicates a full cycle and is the imprint of strong spirituality (10 plus 7). The 1 plus 0 plus 7 total 8 and this is not purely by chance because this figure is also the number of stars on the card: 8, a number which is also associated with infinity. This card represents someone and announces the beginning of a new cycle and a very beneficial period as far as your love life is concerned.

Sure, let's also bring in some numerology. Always a sure hit. Where she got the number 10 to add to the 7 I do not know. The stars in the card are ripe with imagery both in their numbers and placement.

The nudity of this woman evokes purity yet also sensual attraction. This card represents intimity, sensuality, charm and attraction and I can see that there will soon be a powerful force of attraction created between you and this person you have in mind.[...] This is a very positive card and the hope which it offers will help to change or create a new situation. Through this I read a strong sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and fulfillment. This card quite clearly indicates the possibility of a loving union with this person you care so much about.

The World Card
This card clearly represents the beginning of a new cycle and marks the start of something new and intense. Something is being set firmly into place. This is one of the most beautiful cards of the deck. Firstly the number 21, which is of course 20 plus 1, represents a new cycle and 21 can also be considered to be 3 times 7 which is a very harmonious set of numbers representing harmony and satisfaction in all areas; sentimental, material and intellectual. The World in the sense of this card is formed by the Earth and all the other astral bodies and demonstrates the harmony, accomplishment and satisfaction which you will soon experience Bendik because of this very intense Transit you will soon be living through. The central personality appears to be someone happy and fulfilled. The laurel leaf crown symbolises the prize awarded by all your efforts, your honor and sucess. This is a very satisfying card and it also symbolises travel. It seems that you will be required to move around during relatively short periods however you will get a great deal out of this travel. This card clearly shows the sucess and acheivement which awaits you.

Okay a bit more numerology, sure.
As a whole the cards really did not tell me anything the first reading didn't. I was about to enter a Transit phase and it was going to be important to me both on a professional and romantic level.
Note: In a later email she reveals the dates of the Transit Phase to me, and the period has long passed as of this writing. It was largely uneventful.
I have not been traveling much like the Chariot and the World cards said I would. The longest trip I have taken since september has been a single trip to Stockholm and back on the same day as I had to visit my company's branch office there. I would hardly call that traveling.
The economic and professional changes I was promised have also not surfaced. I have the same job I had a year ago, and have not had a pay increase or position change since I started getting readings from Jenna. Other than starting writing on this blog, which will undoubtedly bring me a huge "victory and success" my life itself has been rather uneventful and the Tarot cards did not predict much.
As for the "loving union with this person you care so much about", I really have no idea who she means. If any female readers of this blog want to have a go at proving this part of Jenna's Tarot reading correct, leave a comment :)

As usual, the end of the letter was a link for me to order a full reading, paid. I again chose not to but this time I hoped that the next message would not take long to arrive. It came only two weeks later, and will be the subject of the next entry in this series.

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